Our Process.

Our team comes from a wide and varied background in motion graphics, branding, strategy, production, gaming, and event planning. Drawing on such varied experiences enables us to stay flexible, avoid potential pitfalls, and make your audience’s experience as smooth as possible no matter the style or delivery method of your event/experience. Taking the time to go through a constructive pre-production period lets us devise a detailed plan of action that outlines expectations, sets up lines of communication, and puts your mind at ease at every stage of execution. At the end of the day, we are working together and your success is ours too.

Understanding the Project

We don’t want to start solving a problem that you don’t actually have. The better we understand your needs and vision, the better the end product will be. You tell us the "why", together we will define the "what" and move forward to get it done.

Concept Development

This is where things get really exciting!
We work through all of the different ideas and concepts and start putting together a unified direction for us to pursue. We’ll discuss/visualise how it might come together in the finished product.

Project Execution

Though you may only have one point of contact, all of our services including Recording Sessions, Live Streams, Graphics Creation, or Talent Coaching, are backed by a group of skilled professionals with years of experience in their fields.

Project Timeline .


Phase Details

Project Timeline.


Initial Meetings

A holistic understanding of what the project wants to achieve is invaluable when discussing the project's scope. By determining these things early on, we can make sure we are on the same page from the beginning and start developing a road map for what comes next.


Design Phase

The Design Phase is where we start to develop how this might actually look like as a final product. This may include developing detailed timelines for each component of a project or balancing the kind of investment that might be needed for a particular idea to be realized. This is a series of conversations between us and you where we get to hear your thoughts and share ours with you.


Concept Revision & Decision

Once our top few ideas are put to paper, we can select which one will best suit you and your business. Our experts will offer guidance, take you through the pros and cons of each idea, and empower you to be confident when making a final decision.


Prep & Production

Re-building a plan from scratch when things go wrong only happens if you don’t take the time to prepare properly. By devoting time and effort into the previous phases we can create a great blueprint to follow as we gather personnel, create graphics, and schedule out the event itself. Our ability to smoothly navigate the chaos is what sets us apart from our competition.


Producing the right product for your audience/customers is the #1 priority followed closely by our commitment to making sure you feel in control of your project at all times. Whether that means taking over parts that you want to offload or providing a roadmap for you to execute yourself, we pride ourselves on clear and frequent communication about every aspect of your project.